The night School Abundant Life has been developed for Christian professionals and students who understand the importance of their influence right where they are: in the job market or in universities and who do not have time for a full course.  Focuses not only in knowledge but on the practice of biblical principles.

Curricular Content: Knowing God, identity, vocation, sexuality, urban tribes, community development and urban missions.

R$ 25,00 (subscription) + R$ 130,00

Renewed Baptist Church
Avenida Guaiapó, nº 4916 Jardim Paulista – Maringá / PR

Classes from: Monday to Friday from 19.30 to 22.30

+ information:

Fabiane Ferreira: + 55 (44) 9183-7278 (Whatsapp) • + 55  (44) 3255-5830 (Fixed)