Imagine yourself being able to memorize the scriptures and narrate them as if you had been an eye witness of the fantastic events that changed the history of humanity?

It may seem to be a big challenge, but Word By Heart has a methodology that has been enabling its students to become walking Bibles, story tellers that are able to report the biblical events, word by word, with truth and reality involving the audience for about 90 minutes.

During three months the students will go deep into the book of Luke, the reality of facts, the historical background the relationship between characters and the teachings involved in each scene, the focus is not on theological study, we seek to appropriate the stories to be so real that it is possible tell them as eye witnesses.

Investment (full course):
Subscription $ 150 + 3 x $450 ($1.500 total in cash). This Value involves the course, material and accommodation.

Please get in touch for seminar prices.

+ information:
Eduardo Luiz: + (55) (44) 9 9937 6547 (WhatsApp) or
+ (55) (44) 9 8457 5831 • + (55) (44) 3255 5830

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